Hearing Loss’ Effects



This podcast is about one of my favorite subjects – Hearing. There’s a reason why it’s included in your 5 senses, that reason is because it is such an integral part of our health and our lives that we take it for granted until we start to lose it! 

Jenna Marie Johnson is my guest today. She works with HearUSA (https://www.hearusa.com/) and lives in Montana. We had a great conversation about how important hearing is to our lives, how we have access to places where they can test it and correct it, and yet people still ignore it. Let me also say up front that if you are losing your hearing and you don’t get it corrected you can damage your brain, listen to the podcast to learn how.

I loved the description that Jenna told us on the podcast when people ask her if it’s really important to do something about their level of hearing – she tells them that with their hearing loss that it would be like her going home and putting in earplugs. She would not hear someone at the door, she’s have to turn up the volume on the TV, and you wouldn’t hear a water pipe burst in the house. All of those things are important to hear and be aware of and you wouldn’t know they are happening.

Jenna recommends that people start getting hearing exams when they hit 50 in order to establish a baseline and if it’s “normal”  to go back every 2 years to get it checked again. If you go to reputable hearing center and/or medical center it won’t cost you anything and you will have peace of mind or you’ll get a hearing aid to hear what other people are actually saying to you. Be sure you listen to this podcast and go get a test if you haven’t had one before!



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