Talking about toxins with Dr. Cris Azzola  

This show marks the return of Dr. Cris Azzola, a licensed naturopath in San Francisco. Cris is going to come on the show on a regular basis to talk about different topics. 

We thought that talking about toxins and toxicity would be relevant after last year’s wild fires in so many parts of the US and the world, Covid-19, and the chance of more wildfires starting in the spring again. We also talked about environmental toxins and how our body does or doesn’t deal with those.

Cris talked about the different kinds of toxins, how our bodies deal with and clear toxins as well as how our bodies can get overloaded and overwhelmed (like during the fires). She also gave us some specifics about body organs and systems (like the hormonal system). We also talked about how to help clear toxins, how some supplements interact with each other which can cause toxic reactions, and be careful about self-prescribing to take clear toxins out of your body.

Cris did a nice job summarizing our discussion and best take-aways from our conversation. You can also find an informative (quick read) by Cris on Medium that’s called Detoxing After the 2020 Wildfires, read it here on Medium. To get in touch with Dr. Azzola go to her website or email her directly at

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