Age Reversal Expert  

This week’s guest, Larisa Petrini, is an Age Reversal Expert and Epigenetic specialist known for turning the clock back 10 years for her clients. She is the founder of BODYOLOGY, a proprietary system designed to help high performing women reverse their age and sizzle with energy and confidence in their midlife years.

Hundreds of high achieving women have sought Larisa’s help to get back in shape, overcome chronic fatigue, solve dry and sagging skin and deal with moods and hormonal imbalances. She studied Health, Nutrition, Sleep and Epigenetics at some of the leading schools across the world such as Cornell University, Precision Nutrition and Apeiron ZOH. Larisa also shares her knowledge as a contributor for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Forbes and Shape magazines.

This was a fun & interesting interview. After you listen to it, let me know what you think!

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