Interview with Neil Cannon



My guest this week is Neil Cannon, best selling author of The Vitality Secret and a new book coming out soon called The Vitality Code. He is also a speaker, health & vitality mentor, and has his own podcast called “The Vitality Secret Podcast.” We had an incredibly amazing discussion – about chronic stress causing chronic inflammation and its effects on our bodies and minds. How we can change our biology and get rid of many different issues, including allergies and autoimmune diseases and how most illness is rooted in trauma. 

We also talked about how we can heal the body through thought alone – that thought is a belief and it turns into what many call a placebo effect. Except that the body actually heals, it’s not just a belief, it’s a change in the body. We also talked about thought and how it can change your life – causing illnesses and creating health, it’s our choice.

So much information that you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out about it all. Then you can visit Neil’s website – to learn more about him, his courses, and his consulting.

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