Walking For Exercise During a Pandemic

senior couple walking in park

Exercising anytime is important and it’s particularly important during a pandemic like we’re experiencing right now. We all need to support our immune systems to be able to fight off this disease and to be strong in case we actually end up getting it. Being over 50 makes us especially vulnerable so we need to do what we can beef up our immune system.

Because so many of us are at home most of the time that means that we are sitting more than usual, on our computers or watching something on our big screens. We are not socializing as much and we probably are just wearing our sweats and shorts (I know I am). It’s very easy to gain weight because we can’t go to the gym, exercise classes, and/or to the track at the local high school.

That’s why it’s important to go out and walk. I walk around my neighborhood every day and I’m lucky because it’s mostly all flat so it’s easy. If you can’t walk in your neighborhood then go some place close where you can walk. If you’re in good shape and you have some hills where you live you should try walking on some of the hills as it’s very good exercise to do. Start with short amounts of time and build up as you it gets easier to do.

This podcast goes through the long list of benefits you can get from walking regularly. Things like helping to ward off varicose veins, increased creative thinking, being in a better mood, keeping your weight in check, and a reduced risk of developing heart failure. Listen to it today (it’s not that long) and you’ll agree that with all of these benefits it’s worth putting on your walking shoes (that’s all you need) and getting outside every day.

If you are feeling sad, lonely, or out of balance because of the pandemic and/or how you have been affected by it please reach out to me as I am offering a free coaching session to anyone who needs some support during this time; there are no strings attached and no sales pitches. You can contact me here on my Healthy Tips After 50 website, my Healthy Tips After 50 Facebook Page or you can send me a DM directly on Facebook.

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