Let’s Find Out About Andropause

Today’s podcast is with Dr. Cris Azzola who you all are familiar with from previous podcasts. Cris has a very interesting subject to talk about and it’s called Andropause, which is the male version of Menopause. I bet you didn’t know that it even existed, I didn’t.

There are some similarities as well as a lot of differences and we cover a lot of them here in this podcast. We also talk about visceral fat (which both sexes can have) and its effects on hormones. We also discuss blood sugar regulation, cholesterol, and diets and their impact negatively and positively on men and women during Andropause and Menopause.

There was so much good info in this podcast that you need to watch/listen to it and not just read this summary. You can get in touch with Dr. Azzola at this link if you’d like to set up an appointment about an issue you are currently dealing with or to just get her involved in your physical wellbeing. www.DrAzzola.com   

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