Good Starch 

Potatoes boiled in their jacket and herbs

Today’s show is about how you can eat some of the good tasting starchy food that you like and not feel guilty. These kinds of starches are good for you and they will keep you healthy. Resistant starches are a healthy carbohydrate (bet you didn’t think there was such a thing). It is lowers blood sugar after your meal and it improves gut health. To learn more about all the good things associated with this starch listen in to the show.

I also shared a short bit at the end about the 4-day Intensive that I just finished, how excited I am to start implementing some of the things I learned and the life changing insights I had. Let me know how you like today’s podcast and if you have liked the interview that I’ve been doing. It’s all a part of my overall health & wellness viewpoint. Look forward to talking with you soon.

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