Benefits of the Alexander Technique


Christine Mander is an Alexander Technique Teacher. I thought I knew a little bit about the Alexander Technique but it turned out I didn’t know very much at all but I was interested to know more. If you too want to know more give this podcast a listen. We talked about how Christine started as a student and then became a teacher of the Technique. The Alexander Technique teaches people how to recognize and unlearn the habitual patterns that are causing them pain and stress.

She tells us about her experience as a student dealing with back and neck pain as well as indigestion. All of those issues were resolved after seeing an Alexander Technique teacher. That was when she decided to become then a teacher herself. During the recent pandemic Christine took her therapy online in order to continue supporting her practice. That was a much different experience than what she had had as a student.

You’ll learn more about this innovative therapy and it might entice you to find an Alexander Technique Teacher for help with your own issues. The following websites can help you find someone in your area to work with. American Society for the Alexander Technique ( or  The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) (

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