For You, a Friend, or a Relative



My guest, Margo Arrowsmith, has been a therapist for over 40 years with individuals, couples and families, but at this time she is mostly working with people on Medicare where she “works to help them resolve life long issues to live better lives”. 

We had an extraordinary conversation about getting older, needing to move into retirement living and the accompanying issues with that. We also had some technical difficulties close to the end where Margo lost audio connection and her video froze but we were close to the end so I just signed off.

If you, a relative, or friend are looking for more information on what questions to ask, issues to look for, and/or how you can support them in transitioning (or not transitioning) to an assisted living facility you need to listen to today’s podcast and then go listen to Margo’s YouTube Channel – –

Margo says that her “expertise is helping live full lives for 100 years or more while being a full member of the community.” If you’re looking for someone to help you with that then Margo is the person to go to! You can contact her at:      



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