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Meditation to Relieve Anxiety & Stress

Mindfulness Meditation For Your HealthWe’re talking about Mindfulness and Meditation again, such an important topic that it can’t be talked about enough. These days with all of the anxiety, stress,
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Food & The Brain

Food and the BrainListen to the podcast to learn about the info below and a lot more...Willpower may not be the reason that many overweight or obese people can't stop
Week Six

The Sixth Week Videos

Skipped Weeks Four and Five ... not much to talk about.Here's my Sixth Week VideosThere is one more Livestream but it's only on Facebook. Didn't stream to YouTube like I
Week 3 livestreams

The Third Week Videos

Starting my Third Week Living with my Broken Collarbone ... One Third of the way back to a normal life!!That's it for Week Three. Next week things will be changing
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New Exercise Guidelines

Updated Exercise Guidelines by US Health & Human ServicesFirst update in 10 yearsHow it improves overall quality of lifeFind out ho get the most benefit from exercise - how long
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Loneliness, Coughing & Dehydration

Three Subject Podcast:Loneliness, Coughing & Dehydration   Listen and learn about 3 different subjects that affect all of us over 50.How loneliness is a bigger killer of older people than many diseases
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Things Get Better at 50!

The Happiness Curve If you're entering your 40's and you're thinking that life can't get any worse - well it does. Let me assure you that life does getter once you round
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The Happiness Curve

Where are you in the Happiness Curve?     Are you in your 40's and wondering why life doesn't seem to be getting better even though you have everything you've worked so