Healthy Life

Daily Wellness For You

  Interview with Barbara Diaz de Leon week’s guest is Barbara Diaz de Leon. Barbara was an RN whose prior career was in Healthcare Administration but after experiencing her own
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Fighting Inflammation

 What is Inflammation Anyways?   Today’s show tries to sort through inflammation and the different kinds of inflammation -  the kind that helps you heal, the kind that creates disease, and the
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What is Cryotherapy?

 Cryotherapy Explained’s guest, Kyle Jones, is the co-founder and COO of iCRYO. He has been involved in health & wellness since becoming an athlete in high school, then continuing on
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What Song Makes You Dance?

  Get Up and Dance!!  For me I love almost any kind of music and it makes me feel good to know that there are positive, physical benefits from listening (and
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Eating For You

  Emotional Eating interview guest this week is Sallyanne Pisk. She lives in Australia and she helps women to transform their eating mindset and their relationship with food. I should
Gratitude Changes Everything

Practicing Gratitude

  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE  Today’s show is about how transformative it can be to practice gratitude on a regular basis. It can improve your health, relationships, work environment, and
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The Healthy Skeptic

 Supersized Lies  My interview guest is Robert Davis, Ph.D., also known as The Healthy Skeptic. Robert is an award-winning journalist whose latest book is “Supersized Lies”, How myths about weight loss
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3 New Things to Know

  New Study Results   This podcast has 3 interesting study results. The first has to do with low B-12 levels leading to dementia. The second is about fidgeting while you’re

What is Andropause?

  Let's Find Out About Andropause’s podcast is with Dr. Cris Azzola who you all are familiar with from previous podcasts. Cris has a very interesting subject to talk about
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Signs or Symptoms?

What's the Difference?Is there a difference between Medical Signs and Medical Symptoms? Turns out that there is ever since the 20th Century - before that time they were the same.