Love Yourself script

Love Yourself

   Self-Care for Ourselves   Very late posted podcast and it’s explained in the podcast. Taking care of myself in the midst of a busy week. Something for everyone to learn about
Woman jaw ache TMJ

TMJ Migraines & Chronic Pain

  Going From Dentistry to TMJ & Pain Today’s podcast is a follow-on from my original interview with Dr. Dave Sherazi, DDS. In this discussion we talked about the relationship between
Are You Listening

Best Ways to Listen

  Listen With Nothing On Your Mind  Most people don’t do a very good job of listening to other people or even themselves. This podcast is about what best to do
Menopause word in letterpress type

Talking About Menopause

 INTERVIEW WITH DR. CRIS AZZOLA This week’s podcast is a discussion about Menopause. Dr. Cris Azzola and I talked about how overwhelming it can be, how unique it is to each
woman with back pain in the office

Problems With Hip Pain

What Causes Hip Pain This week’s podcast is a replay from 2019 but it’s just as important as it was the first time I posted it. We have all been sitting
Plate of healthy food

American Diet Today

 Food Changes   The American diet is not getting healthier - it’s getting unhealthier. The average daily calorie count that the “normal” American eats has increased from 2000 calories in 1970
variety of fermented probiotic foods for gut health

Good Gut Bacteria

  Why Probiotics Are Good For You  This week’s podcast is is about Probiotics, what they are, how they work, and what they work for. Did you know that they are
Woman sleeping

How Well Do You Sleep?

  Do You Need More?  Sleeping is one of those things that we don’t think too much about until we start experiencing issues with it. This podcast is about some of
Main food groups

Nutrient Needs & Aging

  Continuing the Conversation...    Dr. Cris Azzola, N.D., is my guest in today’s podcast for the second part of our discussion around how our bodies change as we age. The first