over 50 man having a senior moment

Memory Lapses & Senior Moments

Living with Senior Moments      https://youtu.be/rs97dNMhfP8   This week’s guest is Dr. Stan Goldberg, A former professor of communication disorders he retired at 57 due to memory issues and a sleep disorder. It was

Harnessing Nature’s Healing Power

Well Known Herbalist - Sara Chana Silverstein    https://youtu.be/nkhAKhiUxVs   This week’s guest is Sara Chana Silverstein, a renowned herbalist and author, known for her work in helping people integrate herbal and botanical medicine
Hashimoto's Word Cloud

Reversing Hashimoto’s Disease

Interview with Dr. Anshul Gupta      https://youtu.be/9lm1RhFLGjs   This week’s guest, Dr. Anshul Gupta, is a seasoned expert in family medicine, functional medicine, and integrative medicine, and he's here to share some game-changing information
AX3 product

AX3 – The Ultimate Secret to Healthy Aging

Astaxanthin    https://youtu.be/0etKeGs8UxI   My guest this week, Dave Watamull, is a remarkable individual who has discovered the wonders of Astaxanthin, a naturally occurring molecule that remains unfamiliar to most people. It is a
Lion's Mane Mushroom

Unlocking the Secret of Mushrooms

Parker Olson's Journey    https://youtu.be/7mc2OdN7fmQ Parker Olson is an innovative entrepreneur recognized for "disrupting the snack industry" by Food Business News. He founded FORIJ, a functional food company introducing cognition-boosting and vitamin-D rich
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Intimacy Expert to Millions

Navigating Intimacy and Connection After 50    https://youtu.be/CS0-9fDqn5M   Today’s guest, Susan Bratton, is a renowned expert in passionate lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills. As the CEO of two companies, Better Lover.com and
Happy couple

Celebrating Menopause Month

Combining Cannabis & Sex    https://youtu.be/g88uBc7qOrY   To Celebrate Menopause Month starting Oct 1, I have a very special guest with a unique perspective on menopause, sex, hormones, and more. Joining us is Katie

The Key to a Healthy Gut and Overall Well-being

A Probiotic Conversation    https://youtu.be/52jjWvE34JM   In this week’s episode, we delve into the world of probiotics and their importance for maintaining optimal health, particularly as we age. Our guest, Natasha Trenev, the renowned
Good Health

Taking Ownership of Your Healthcare

Good Health    https://youtu.be/PLULd90vbQc   My guest this week is Jo Bhakti, the CEO and founder of Serenity, a groundbreaking medical intelligence company. Jo explains “medical intelligence” in the podcast. Jo is an expert
Nutrition for preventing diseases

Preventing Cancer Naturally

Whole Foods Against Cancer    https://youtu.be/5l6Vs8rQckE   In today’s HTA50 Podcast Steven Abbey of SOS Nutrients will be sharing his story and insights on the importance of nutrition in preventing diseases like cancer, diabetes,