Gratitude Changes Everything

Practicing Gratitude

  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE  Today’s show is about how transformative it can be to practice gratitude on a regular basis. It can improve your health, relationships, work environment, and
Abstract Eye

Cataracts Explained

Interview with Dr. Neda Shamie’s guest, Dr. Neda Shamie, is an Opthalmologist M.D. at The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute in Los Angeles, CA. We had a very interesting and enlightening conversation
Whole Health

Integrative Medicine Conversation

  An Interview With Aaron Hartman M.D.   To watch the YouTube video click the button below:This is one of my longer interviews because there was just so much to talk about
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Inside-Out Thinking Revisited

An Interview With Clesia Mendes Mendes is a Speaker and Mindset Coach who has over 25 years of experience in the personal development world. She loves travelling and teaching a

Mediterranean Memory Diet

  Eat Well to Think Well   A new study has been accepted for publication by Neurology and it’s about the impact of the Mediterranean Diet on memory and Alzheimer’s. It’s a

Mushroom Power

 Mushrooms Against Cancer What do you think about eating mushrooms as a way to beat cancer? Sounds good to me. This podcast is about a few studies that looked at mushrooms
Sleep Disorder

Why We Snore

 Interview with Dr. Dave Shirazi  YouTube video of the Interview    Today’s interview is with David Sherazi, D.D.S. We had a great conversation about TMJ (when you clench your teeth), snoring /
Tired psychologist having a little nap after hard-working day

Do You Take Naps?

 Do Naps Affect Your Nighttime Sleeping? Today’s podcast is about taking naps and if is it good for you to do that. There are a lot of pros and cons mostly
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What To Do About Toxins

Talking about toxins with Dr. Cris Azzola show marks the return of Dr. Cris Azzola, a licensed naturopath in San Francisco. Cris is going to come on the show on
Raisins on a wooden spoon

Worse Than the Dirty Dozen

2020 Report on Raisins  Today’s show brings us up to date on one of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) dirtiest food. They reported on the Department of Agriculture’s 2020 pesticide residue