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Redefining Failure

Rewriting Our Stories   Dr. Charles Lee is a renowned doctor with over 40 years of experience. He is a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery and based in Malaysia. Charles finds joy
Natural vitamin pills

Benefits of Whole Food-Based Vitamins

Interview With Frank Davis   On this episode of the HTA50 Podcast, I’m joined by entrepreneur Frank Davis to discuss food and its connection with curing disease. We talk about the process
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Your Perfect Retirement Living

For You, a Friend, or a Relative   My guest, Margo Arrowsmith, has been a therapist for over 40 years with individuals, couples and families, but at this time she is mostly
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Called to Courage

Interview With A Fellow Coach   My guest this week is Fiona Pimentel. Fiona is a coach and we first met in a coaching program that we had both signed up for.
Fresh Vegetables & Fruit

The Fresh 20 Way to Eat

Melissa Lanz of the Fresh 20 This week’s guest, Melissa Lanz, is the creator of the Fresh 20, a former cooking instructor, television writer, and Internet Professional. She feels that the

Anti-Aging Hormones for Men & Women

Hormone Treatment After 50   If you’re interested in learning more about hormones for women and men of any age then be sure to listen to this podcast episode. Hormone treatment has
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Biohacking Unlimited

Holistic Nutrition & Oriental Medicine   Mike Van Thielen is a Ph.D. Holistic Nutrition & Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He became the CEO of a stem cell company for 5 years and

Financial Psychology

 Seattle Money Coach   You are so not alone - have you ever wished you had someone to advise you about money. My guest this week is Mikelann Valterra and for over
Leanness Lifestyle

Leanness Lifestyle University

Journey to Successful Health   My guest today is David Greenwalt, a certified health coach, who has been coaching people for over 30 years. His interest in health & fitness started when
Gerontology & More

Nurse Practitioner & Business Woman

Helping People In So Many Ways   This week’s guest is Tina Baxter, a nurse practitioner whose goal in life is to help people and for people to be better off from