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Journey to Successful Health  https://youtu.be/JntRc6cJc1k   My guest today is David Greenwalt, a certified health coach, who has been coaching people for over 30 years. His interest in health & fitness started when
Gerontology & More

Nurse Practitioner & Business Woman

Helping People In So Many Ways     https://youtu.be/HUqVqcG5u6s   This week’s guest is Tina Baxter, a nurse practitioner whose goal in life is to help people and for people to be better off from

The Color of Life in Vitamins

  Annatto Seeds & More https://youtu.be/wEBtCOwRfQ4 Dr. Barrie Tan, PhD, was last week’s guest and the video didn't get up in time due to a loss of all of my files. I

Regenerative Anti-aging Medicine

  Expanding Medical Parameters https://youtu.be/y43GWqSFu10   Today’s podcast interview is with Jeffrey Gross, M.D. a board-certified neurosurgeon who has expanded his practice to include anti-aging and cutting edge medicine. His bio from his
Bee on honeycomb

Manuka Honey Saved His Life

  Bee Magic   https://youtu.be/Avppkm6Qoa0   Bogdan Chugunov is a cancer survivor who credits his use of Manuka Honey for saving his life. Bogdan was running his own licensed domestic employment agency when he
Pain Free

The Fixing You Therapist

  Online Physical Therapist   https://youtu.be/UmLCiteUHOc   Rick Olderman is a licensed sports and orthopedic physical therapist with more than 25 years experience. Rick specializes in helping people with chronic pain experience and live
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Necessary Nutrition

  Robin Allen Talks to HTA50 https://youtu.be/R4bumA-aTN4 This week’s guest, Robin Allen, is a mother, nutritionist, entrepreneur, founder of Necessary Nutrition, Inc., and the creator of the Necessary Nutrition brand of supplements

Blood Analysis & Detox Specialist

  Detox Day Spa Nutritional Coaching   https://youtu.be/AC0ie2uO8K4 My guest this week is Anthony Beven - a Certified Blood Analyst, Detox Specialist, and wellness coach for chronically ill clients. He is also CEO
Thriving Vegan Book Cover

From Brooklyn to Mexico

  From Meat-eater to Totally Vegan     https://youtu.be/xP_t9_xW9KE   Michael Dorfman is an 80 year old vegan who is a New Yorker by birth and has lived in Mexico for more than 50 years.
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Journey to Ageless

  The Boss of Me   https://youtu.be/aOiyp8g9h-c   Ruth Yunker is a writer and humorist. She's published three books. Two on her own about exploring Paris. The third is "Baby, I'm the Boss of