Redefining Retirement

Embracing the Silver Economy     https://youtu.be/hZUi2mxPtgQ   My guest this week is entrepreneur Wallis Pattisonn. We had a great conversation about redefining retirement and seizing opportunities in the "silver economy." Wallis emphasizes the importance
Fitness & Sushi Podcast

Breaking Free from Diet Culture

Interview with Deanna Schober    https://youtu.be/5xc6n9IGyR4?si=_J7A6gt9ucBMcSVB   In this episode of the HTA50 Podcast, I welcome guest Deanna Schober, co-host of the Fitness and Sushi podcast. Deanna shares her personal journey of overcoming eating
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Strength Training & Mindset After 50

Former Ironman Triathlete    https://youtu.be/qTzq8xS582s   My guest today is Jen Rulon, an incredible athlete and coach with an inspiring journey to share. Jen is a 15-time Ironman athlete, former triathlon coach, author, and
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Relief From Chronic Pain and Illness

Reclaiming Your Health  https://youtu.be/IAqRXHyaL14   Dr. Lonnie Herman, an expert in relief from chronic pain and illness. Dr. Herman has developed a rapid health restoration system that is proving to be effective and
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The Metabolic Health Revolution

A New Paradigm for Middle-Aged Wellness    https://youtu.be/SLJ3b2bEpN4 In today's episode, we have a very special guest joining us, Paul Kolodzik, MD, FACEP, FASAM. Paul is a seasoned emergency physician with 25 years
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Fit Body Bootcamp

Prioritizing Health & Wellness    https://youtu.be/JwZY1PMMcq8 Mary Katherine (MK) Stahl is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who discovered her passion for fitness and group workouts at Fit Body Bootcamp many years ago. She
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Redefining Failure

Rewriting Our Stories    https://youtu.be/fZWfsTzwdGs   Dr. Charles Lee is a renowned doctor with over 40 years of experience. He is a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery and based in Malaysia. Charles finds joy
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Benefits of Whole Food-Based Vitamins

Interview With Frank Davis    https://youtu.be/ZGpaWW-OxSM   On this episode of the HTA50 Podcast, I’m joined by entrepreneur Frank Davis to discuss food and its connection with curing disease. We talk about the process