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Unlimited Living

Clarity, Presence, and Well-Being    This conversation with Sharon Strimling was very enjoyable and awakening. I loved her grounding and approachability. Sharon is a coach, consultant, and thought-leader. She works with people
Prolon Plan

Rejuvenation From Within

Prolon Fasting Plan  Dr. Joseph Antoun, CEO of L-Nutra Inc., is my guest on this week’s podcast. We talked about fighting age-related disease and enhancing overall longevity specifically using a 5-day
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One Human Performance

  Start Moving Eric Dagati, this week's guest, has spent the past 20 years in the fitness industry as a coach, trainer and instructor, pioneering his unique approach to client assessment,

Embodied Meditation

  Centering Yourself McKinlay is an Embodied Meditation Teacher and has his own podcast called Bringing Meditation to Life. You’ll find a link to both his website and his podcast
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World-Class Wellness Care

  Chiropractor & Transformative Coach’s guest is Sara O’Neill, a Doctor of Chiropractic who is also certified at the highest level with the Network Spinal Analysis method. Sara’s mission is
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What is this Heart Test for?

 The Common Tests Proscribed  As we and our parents get older the possibility of having a heart test starts to loom closer in the rear-view mirror. Today’s show explains what some
Healthy Life

Daily Wellness For You

  Interview with Barbara Diaz de Leon week’s guest is Barbara Diaz de Leon. Barbara was an RN whose prior career was in Healthcare Administration but after experiencing her own
Gratitude Changes Everything

Practicing Gratitude

  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE  Today’s show is about how transformative it can be to practice gratitude on a regular basis. It can improve your health, relationships, work environment, and
Abstract Eye

Cataracts Explained

Interview with Dr. Neda Shamie’s guest, Dr. Neda Shamie, is an Opthalmologist M.D. at The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute in Los Angeles, CA. We had a very interesting and enlightening conversation
Whole Health

Integrative Medicine Conversation

  An Interview With Aaron Hartman M.D.   To watch the YouTube video click the button below:This is one of my longer interviews because there was just so much to talk about